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Pollination Service

Polllination is probably the most important work of bees. We provide a fully managed pollination service for your orchard or crop when and where you need them.
Our expert placement service ensures  that you will get the maximum fruit set and crop yield using our healthy bees.
Crops that benefit from pollination include Green and Gold Kiwifruit, Avocado, Macadamia, Stone fruit, Pip fruit, Blueberries, Chilli and Zucchini.
Please fill in the request form below to get an appraisal of your pollination needs or to request pollination for your crop.  

Pollination Information

Using our pollination service can increase your crop yield by aprox 50%. Natural pollination by bees can be used successfully in conjunction with artificial pollination methods.
Placement of hives is done at night to ensure the least amount of disruption.
The hives are fed correctly every two days during pollination of kiwifruit to ensure the maximum efficiency.
Our hives are intensively managed so you can be sure that you will be getting healthy hives with large numbers of bees per hive.
We cover an area from Whangarei (north) to Tuakau (south).
Spraying can be fatal for bees. Please ensure that all bees are removed before spraying begins and that spraying is not done previously to bees being delivered.
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