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Delivered to New Zealand only

Wholesale order - minimum 1 box ( 12 jars x 250g, 500 g or 1 kg)

Puhoi Honey's KANUKA HONEY is certified for natural MGO -methylglyoxal content (minimum (45 - 85 mg/kg).


ORIGIN: comes from the nectars of the taller cousin of the world-famous New Zealand Manuka tree. The Kanuka tree is a part of the family of tea trees Leptospermum.


•    Colour: Dark
•    Cleanliness:  Very clean naturally 
•    Aroma: Strong smell of Kanuka 
•    Texture:  Naturally granulated /smooth velvety texture
•    Flavour:  Delicious rich flavour
•  Manufacturing: 100% Raw, Unpasteurised, Unprocessed and Unheated. 

Delivered to USA & Canada only

Ships and sold by Trade Express USA

Delivered to New Zealand and Australia only

Delivered to EU only

Ships and sold by Golden Shop

Delivered to Serbia only Ships and sold by Trade Express DOO

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