Adopt a Hive.  How it works:

We will place one or two hives (depending on the site) on your property in consultation with you and under take all the necessary management. This usually entails 12 visits per annum and includes, honey extraction, disease control, swarm control  and winter feeding.​ Please fill in the from below for more info or request a hive.

Is your property suitable?

Bees have a foraging area of up to three kilometres so having a large garden is not necessary as the bees will be working in the neighbourhood. It is not suitable to place the hives in a high foot traffic area, like next to your back door, so any property with a small to medium sized garden is suitable.
(Hives have been placed on the roof tops of high rise buildings in some urban areas.)
If family members or immediate neighbours are allergic to bee sting then your property is not suitable so please check first, however neighbours are not likely to even notice any increase in bees. We cover an area from Whangarei to Franklin

What you get in return.

We will supply you with 8 kg of honey, per hive, per annum, produced by your own hive.
As wild bee populations can no longer survive due to Varroa you will be helping sustain the essential work that bees undertake pollinating flowers, fruit, trees and crops.
If you have fruit trees or flower gardens you will increase your yield as well as that of your neighbours .
Although we will manage your hive we are happy for the process to be an educational resource for your family and children so you are welcome to get involved to any degree you like.


NZ$ 600 per annum for one or two hives